Sunday, November 3, 2013

Posting from Dubai International Airport...
Finally I am in the air!
I very nearly didn't make it on the plane - Wednesday afternoon my visa was still 'processing at the consulate' in San Francisco. I don't know if the large number of emails I sent or my calls to the not particularly helpful BLS helpline or pure luck carried my papers along but Wednesday evening I was approved and my Aunt/miracle worker swooped in and FedExed it overnight. So my last week in Seattle was filled with uncertainty and worry. Plus putting all my things in boxes, moving my sister in to my apartment and trying to stay productive.

But now I am here - somewhere in Canada according to the large screens at the front of the cabin which obsessively cycle between various representations of our route and current progress. We are on our way north - close to the pole and over to Dubai where I will layover for two hours before continuing to Bangalore. From there a taxi will take me south to Mysore. By the time I get there all of Sunday will have disappeared and I will be well in to Monday morning. I am happy to feel myself swept along through pre-set time points and connections. For the next 14 hours my world consists only of my cozy nest of blankets and electronic devices giving me plenty of time to enjoy the sweet nostalgic moodiness that finds me in the special limbo created by moving unnaturally fast over great distances.

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