Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday November 11, 2013

Visiting the neighbours:

On Saturday evening our neighbours Shilpa and and the border who is staying with Shilpa's family whose name I have already forgotten came over. Shilpa is 18 and in her second year at University and will probably go for barrister because she feels she will have more freedom than trying to go for medicine. She lives next door with her parents, grandparents, siblings and possibly some other relatives. Their border is from Coorg and is in Mysore for temporary work. She is renting a room from Shilpa's family. Shilpa is loquacious and energetic. She told us about the many languages in India and how she learns them from movies and television.She says she has a natural aptitude for languages and is keen to learn a European language like French or German. She asked what languages we knew and I think was disappointed that between the three of us there is only some poorly remembered Spanish and German.

Shilpa invited us to her families house in a way that we couldn't refuse even though it was late and we had been just about to turn in. Nevertheless, it was a good visit and really interesting to see how our neighbours live. They have many family members in one house - living with grandparents is the norm here. Shilpa has (at least) two small siblings - a 2 y/o boy and girl who is maybe 8. Her mother told us that the large ornately carved wooden elephant in the living room was carved by Shilpa's great grandfather from one piece of wood. They fed us little fried potato balls and sweet lime juice which is a speciality in Mysore and which Shilpa had made herself. They threatened to have us over for lunch which I hope very much happens.

On our way back over we encountered our upstairs landlords heading out to a wedding. Our landlords' wife was wearing the most stunning cream and gold dress I have ever seen. She looked unreal.

Sanskrit Class:
On Friday we started Sanskrit class with Lakshmish which is optional but I think will be worth it. I typed up my notes from the first day and will probably keep doing this. I found a Sanskrit Latex package so why not. I think there will be about 10 classes and we meet MWF. The class is half Sanskrit and half Hatha Yoga Pradikipa chanting and exposition. I am definitely more keen on the Sanskrit portion but I am recording all of it. I find the HYP really interesting I just don't know how well I am keeping the thread of Lakshmish's discussion.

Sunday is the day off for Saraswathi's class. It is also the day that Sharath gives a 'conference' which involves about 20 minutes of talking followed by question and answer session. I won't get in to the details here. I felt that some of the answers were interesting and helpful but that a few important questions were either ignored or not answered helpfully.

Today was the beginning of my practice week. I knew I would start intermediate postures today so at the end of my primary postures I paused and waited for Saraswathi to say "You go. You take passasana". My heels are still off the ground in passasana which got me a "No. You sit properly." from Saraswathi. At that point I expected to maybe do a few more intermediate postures and finish. Instead she had me do everything up to pincha mayurasana which is another 40ish minutes. By the end I was so drained I burst in to tears while waiting for someone to come drop me back in to my final back bend after my three drop-back/stand ups. I don't think anyone even noticed because I was already dripping in sweat. After I finished crying Sam who is one of Saraswathi's two assistants came and helped me grab my ankles. After that practice it didn't even seem remarkable. Saraswathi says tomorrow I can start intermediate after only half of primary so I won't have a 2.3 hour practice every day.

Currently I am sitting on my floor drinking coffee from my newly acquired tiny french press. It is wonderful. I am about to dash out the door for chanting at 10:30.

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