Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First day (possibly posted on second day due to lack of internet)
My first day has been hectic but suprisingly easy. I managed to exchange money, register and pay for classes, find somewhere to live and learn to use a bucket shower (actually really nice and relaxing). Also today is the second day of diwali so the streets are filled with firecrackers and honking (though I think the constant honking is normal). I wish I wasn't so tired from the journey so I could enjoy watching some of the festivities.
New Home

The taxi ride from Bangalore to Mysore was really interesting. I saw a lot of the things I expected to see- cows and dogs everywhere, women in stunning colorfull clothing, people living in tents underneath billboards advertising luxury apartments in Goa, chaotic traffic. I am not sure exactly which things were unexpected but I think there were a thousand. Everything looks new to me which is a wonderful feeling - like taking a shower or opening unexpected packages or eating new food.

The first few nights I am staying in a homestay that I found on google maps. They had reviews so I went for it. I think it was a really good choice besides being a bit farther away than I would like - this is what you get when you make reservations the day before you leave. But the water is hot, the wi-fi works (sometimes) and the people are so nice. I felt bad telling them I was going to bed and leaving before breakfast - I think they really want to feed me. I am taking a gamble and drinking the water. I was headed out to buy a bottle and the man whose name I have forgotten (darn. too many names today.) insisted that the water was really good and showed me their fancy filtration machine. He told me French people drank it and liked it. I should probably know by tomorrow if it makes me sick. If not they are getting a killer review.
Bucket shower in lovely homestay. No trough in the new apartment - just a drain in the bathroom floor. 

Tomorrow is my first day of yoga class with Saraswathi. I start at 7:30 M-F and 6:30 on Saturday. Before I left the bank teller who sold me travellers checks asked me what is different between yoga in India and yoga in the US. Honestly I expect it to be mostly like practice at home but in a different place. I will know tomorrow.
Quiet Gokulam street outside of new home. Will try to remember to get some of the commerce areas tomorrow.


  1. Looks awesome :) Please spend a lot of time thinking if excruciatingly detailed way to describe everything in India to me :)